Revolutionizing Natures Medicine for Mental Health & Vitality
Revolutionizing Nature's Medicine
for Mental Health & Vitality

About Us

Mydecine Innovations Group™ (CSE:MYCO) is a publicly traded life sciences syndicate, with offices in Denver, CO, USA and Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Mydecine is dedicated to the development and production of adaptive pathway medicine and natural health products all stemming from mushrooms. Mydecine’s experienced multi-talented team has the dynamic capabilities to oversee all areas of Schedule I drug development, including but not limited to synthesis, genetic research, delivery mechanism design, clinical trial execution; through to worldwide product commercialization, marketing and spore-to-sale™ distribution of cGMP psilocybin API’s and non-psychedelic medicinal fungi.

By leveraging strategic partnerships with global scientific, medical, clinical, and Veteran organizations; Mydecine is well positioned at the forefront of naturally derived medicine, alternative therapeutics, and fungtional™ mushroom vitality consumer goods. Our portfolio of unified companies, including Mydecine Health Sciences™, Mindleap Health™, and NeuroPharm™ focus together on providing innovative and effective solutions that can help millions of people live a healthier quality life.
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NeuroPharm Inc.™️ (NPI) is developing a unique and proprietary set of pharmaceutical and natural health products addressing mental wellness in vulnerable populations.
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Mindleap Health™️ is an advanced digital health platform that helps people connect with mental health specialists who can empower them to thrive and develop habits for a healthy mind.
Mydecine’s spore-to-sale™️ operational extension of the Company, Mydecine Health Sciences™️ (“MHS”), is taking a two-pronged approach and focusing on both psychedelic (clinical) and fungtional™️ (consumer) avenues of commercializing fungi.
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Our Portfolio

Natural Health Products
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We are discovering, extracting, and combining powerful fungtional© and psychedelic ingredients in mushrooms to balance and enhance the brain.
Research & Development
We are charting new paths with Neurological Disorder Medicines based on the novel compounds found in psychedelic medicines.
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We are developing breakthrough digital technologies to augment mental healthcare with data, digital therapeutics, and global connectivity.

Our Story

We started Mydecine Innovations Group™️ with the goal of revolutionizing the way people live and experience life by offering cutting edge natural products and technologies. Our international team has been described as a collection of passionate business leaders, scientists, mental health professionals and technology visionaries.

We are inspired by the future, the innovators, the dreamers; and our products embody this  spirit. They are built for those that aspire to be healthy physically and spiritually while living life to the fullest and daring to disrupt the norm.

Our passion sent us on a mission to develop high quality products and disruptive new technologies so we can contribute to making the world a better place.

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Exploring Non-Dilutive Grant Funding for Clinical Trial Initiatives: Q&A with Mydecine CEO Josh Bartch

October 22, 2020
Mydecine's CEO Josh Bartch talks therapeutic medicine funding and market listings with the editor-in-chief of IPO-Edge.
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Mydecine Innovations Group Appoints Boustead Capital Markets LLP as Financial Advisor for its Planned Dual Listing on the London Stock Exchange

October 16, 2020
A listing on the LSE makes it well-positioned to bring European investors into the Company’s share register.
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Numinus (CSE:NUMI) or Mydecine (CSE:MYCO)? Two Psychedelics Investing Options

October 14, 2020
‍The two industry leaders among psychedelic stocks have already carved out their own followings among psychedelic stock investors.
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