Natural Health Products

Mydecine Health Sciences™️ is a vertically integrated company developing novel fungtional© mushroom products and psychedelic medicines for the consumer and professional healthcare market.

The world of mycology is vast: there are over 50,000 unique species of mushrooms, each containing different varieties of compounds that can be used for medicinal and wellness purposes. While a number of these compounds have been discovered and brought to the market, a majority of them are still not well-understood or thoroughly researched. Similarly, recent studies have shown there are a variety of psychedelic compounds that are providing incredible relief in the fields of mental health issues. As promising as the early results have shown, these compounds are yet to be fully understood.

Mydecine's team of world-class mycologists, neuroscientists, psychopharmacologists, and geneticists are conducting research into these compounds with two focuses: psychedelic medicines and fungtional© mushroom products.

Psychedelic medicines

After decades of being outlawed for most research purposes, psychedelics are once again gaining a reputation for their remarkable abilities to help heal and manage mental health problems and improve our state of mind. Microdosing LSD or psilocybin is one of the most popular examples of how psychedelic medicines can improve our focus, well-being, and creativity. Mydecine Health Sciences™️ is discovering how other psychedelic compounds can be used to augment the mind and body in new and powerful ways.

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Fungtional© mushroom products

Most of the compounds found in mushrooms are not psychedelic, but still provide benefits to us. For example, the trend of using Lion's Mane mushrooms to improve focus and learning is becoming increasingly popular, and Turkey Tail mushrooms have also been shown to help support the body's immune system. Today both of these mushrooms are being grown, processed and sold in numerous forms, including in capsules, chocolate bars, teas, and more. Lion's Mane and Turkey Tail are just two examples of many rare and exotic species that Mydecine™️ plans to explore and discover their many incredible wellness benefits. These unique and incredible fungi can provide an new and diverse path to healthy living.

Our research and development center

Our 7,500 square foot laboratory in Denver, Colorado will serve the needs for the study, selection and cultivation of valuable and rare fungal products and will incorporate state of the art analytical chemistry, molecular biology, next-gen sequencing, and tissue culture. The capabilities of our lab will serve as a cornerstone for Mydecine's research and development efforts.

Mydecine is truly vertically integrated

Mydecine Health Sciences™️ has a robust infrastructure for mushroom cultivation and distribution to complement its research and development capabilities. This includes mushroom farms throughout North America and in the Caribbean as well as commercial wholesale and retail distribution partners around the world.

By having control over the entire supply chain starting with innovation and extending from spore-to-sale©, Mydecine Health Sciences™️ is positioned to be both an industry pioneer and market leader.