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At Mydecine™️, we see the future of digital healthcare. This future is enhanced by automation, augmented by data, and holistic in its consideration of the relationship between body and mind. With these principles in mind, we recognize that an immense potential exists for developing and delivering new technology solutions for mental health, and for delivering these solutions on a global scale. 

We are focused on the rapidly evolving categories of psychedelic-derived medicines, digital therapeutics, and quantified mental health. Our first breakthrough digital technology is Mindleap™️: an advanced mental healthcare system that combines all three of these areas into a single platform.
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Mindleap™️ was founded by purpose-driven leaders on a mission to enhance the well-being of millions of people that struggle with mental health problems. By combining traditional telehealth, psychedelic medicine and advanced mood and behaviour tracking and analytics, the Mindleap™️ platform offers a powerful set of tools for managing mental healthcare. 

Today as the stigma around mental health is fading, people are acknowledging the incredible benefits of working with a mental health specialist, not just to focus on the past, but to help set goals for the future as well. The Mindleap™️ app makes it easy to browse high-quality specialists and book appointments with them, and to have these appointments via secure HD video call. 

Around the world, psychedelic-assisted therapy is becoming increasingly recognized as the new standard of care. Mindleap™️ recognizes that there is a specific unmet need for people to access psychedelic integration specialists. These are the type of people you work with after having a psychedelic experience (such as psychedelic-assisted therapy) in order to help you fully process and embody what you learned and felt while taking the medicine.

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