Top Mushroom Penny Stocks To Watch For 2021

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December 10, 2020

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Mydecine Innovations Group Inc.

Mydecine Innovations Group Inc (MYCOF Stock Report) (MYCO) has followed a similar trend as many of the other names in this niche. Shares of MYCOF stock have climbed as much as 100% since the start of November. Daily trading volumes have also increased. The Wednesday session saw the highest, single-day share volume to date.

What’s more, is that attention has been placed on the company Thursday following its latest update. The company announced today that Mydecine partnered with Microdose Psychedelic Insights. Microdose is a B2B psychedelic intelligence company and the two will present a free, three-part live video discussion series. Titled “Mydecine Speaker Series” it will cover research, psychedelic therapies, PTSD, microdosing, and drug discovery.

The company began picking up steam last month after updating the market on its current clinical trials. Mydecine announced the international expansion of its Phase 2A clinical trials of psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy to treat chronic PTSD. This is a trial in veterans and EMS personnel. Through these trials, Mydecine looks to sustain the safety and efficacy of psychedelic administered psychotherapy in a safe and supervised setting.

Moving forward, Mydecine will likely be on the watch list as its clinical trials roll on. Considering the company is also building upon its Scientific and Medical leadership, it will also be something to keep in mind with this psychedelic company.

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