Meet Delic presents: MUSHROOMS, A Three-Part Series powered by Mydecine

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June 23, 2021

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👩🏼🚀Session 1: Psychedelic Integration & Virtual Health

🚀An uplifting discussion around psychedelics and the all-important process of psychedelic integration: translating one’s psychedelically derived awareness into daily life.

🤓Meet our session 1 experts:

📌Roan Kaufman Ed.D. – Integration Specialist
📌Sophie Whitney M.A., Ph.D. Candidate – Integration Specialist@integrationspace
📌Nick Martin M.A. – Director of Community at @MindleapHealth
📌Jill Koziey MPCC, RPC – Integration Specialist


👩🏼🚀Session 2: Psilocybin and Drug Development🚀

Join us as we take a look at the journey to FDA approvals. We discuss the process of cultivating psychedelic mushrooms, researching active natural compounds, developing novel drugs, standardization and how to scale.

🤓Meet our session 2 experts:
📌Andrew Macisaac - CEO, Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation
📌Robert Roscow, MA - CSO & Co-founder, Mydecine Innovations Group
📌Dr. Rakesh Bhat, BSC, MSC, PHD  -Director of Laboratory Science at Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation


(Session 3 video to be posted after July 16)

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📌 Session 3 ✨ Medicinal Mushrooms  🗓 July 16th 2021, 11am PT

🍄They are all the rage.  Join us as we take a deep dive into the world of medicinal mushrooms. We examine how they have been utilized in Eastern cultures for thousands of  years, what defines a medicinal mushroom, what are their real benefits and how are they best consumed?  We will also look at the current research being done and what we can expect around novel applications to these amazing fungi.