Mydecine Innovations Group Bolsters Scientific Advisory Board

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June 23, 2020

Mydecine Innovations Group Inc.(OTC: MYCOF) (CSE: MYCO), is pleased to announce the addition of two key strategic advisors to the company’s Scientific Advisory Committee.

The new members of the science team will provide scientific expertise and corporate strategy support as Mydecine begins its R&D program at its Innovation Center in Denver, Colorado. The advisory committee will review/monitor/access specific protocols and serve as an advocate for the organization providing technical expertise and collaborating with team members to help shape the direction of the various research programs.

Vince Polito is a Research Fellow at Macquarie University and former Associate Investigator at the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders. Mr. Polito’s research aims to understand how self-monitoring changes, self-representation, sense of agency, belief formation and altered states of consciousness. Vince’s research has been profiled in The Guardian, BBC, Buzzfeed, Nine News, Vice and many others.

Last year Mr. Polito conducted one of the largest to date Microdosing of psychedelics studies. In this research his team investigated the short- and long-term effects of microdosing on wellbeing, cognition and agency. The study conducted was a systematic, observational investigation of individuals who microdose (regular ingestion of very small quantities of psychedelic substances). The study tracked the experiences of microdosing participants, who provided daily ratings of psychological functioning over a six-week period and completed a battery of psychometric measures tapping mood, attention, wellbeing, mystical experiences, personality, creativity, and sense of agency, at baseline and at completion of the study. Analysis of pre and post study measures revealed reductions in reported levels of depression and stress; lower levels of distractibility; increased absorption; and increased neuroticism.

Anton Gomez-Escolar is a Psychopharmacology expert based in Madrid, Spain. Mr. Gomez-Escolar has a technical understanding of neurobiology, psychopharmacology, psychedelics, nootropics, drug safety and clinical trial development. Mr. Gomez-Escolar has a Masters in Psychopharmacology from Spain’s largest university Complutense University of Madrid, including a Master Thesis on the topic of “Psychedelics in psychotherapy for the treatment of depression and addiction”, a Masters in International Relations by Griffith University from Australia, and many other diplomas including a certificate of Design and Interpretation of Clinical Trials from John Hopkins School of Public Health, a certificate in Drug Discovery, Development & Commercialization from UCSD and a certificate in Drug Use, Policy and Health from the University of Geneva.

Mr. Gomez-Escolar is the co-founder the Psychedelic Society of Madrid, attended and presented in many international conferences on the topic and has worked for the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), the official European Union drugs information agency as well as Laboratorios Equisalud, a leading laboratory in holistic phytotherapy and nutritional supplements.

Rob Roscow, CSO and Director commented: “Our Scientific Advisory Board provides Mydecine independent, expert, multi-disciplinary, and strategic advice on scientific programs, emerging health science issues and trends in the psychedelic medicine sector. We are actively expanding our operations and we are thrilled to add these two talented individuals to our growing team.”

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