As of January 5th, 2022, healthcare providers can now apply for psilocybin and MDMA to treat qualified patients through Health Canada’s Special Access Program (SAP).

We have launched The Special Access Support and Supply Program (SASSP) serving physicians, clinics and hospitals throughout Canada. SASSP will offer healthcare providers access to cGMP products, protocol training, therapy manuals, and technology to ensure safe and effective therapy outcomes for patients.

SASSP is a package of goods and services including:

  • cGMP certified pharmaceutical grade psilocybin and MDMA
    • Health Canada Schedule 1 Drugs and Substances Dealer’s License
    • cGMP products manufactured and shipped from Alberta, Canada
  • Investigative brochures and therapy manuals
  • Ongoing advising services from world-class team of scientists and doctors experienced in treating mental health and addiction disorders
  • Training on best-in-class psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy protocols
  • Support services to reinforce safe and effective administration of medicine-based treatments
  • Personalized patient support through the Mindleap digital health platform

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I qualify for Mydecine’s SASSP:

In order to qualify for our program, you must be a practicing physician, clinic or hospital in Canada.

I’m a healthcare professional. How do I apply to Mydecine’s SASSP program?

Complete this form here.

I’m a patient. How do I receive access to this therapy?

If you are interested in learning more about these treatments, please consult your doctor. If your doctor would like more information on our program, please have them contact us by completing this form.

I’m a pharmacy or retail location. How can I obtain cGMP psilocybin and MDMA?

At this time, we are only providing these products to approved physicians, clinics and hospitals. These medications are intended to be paired with psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy in a responsible, controlled medical setting.

How much does Mydecine’s SASSP cost?

Mydecine determines the cost of goods and services on a case-by-case basis. For a consultation to determine costs for your personalized package, please fill out this form.

I am a physician without experience administering psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. Do I qualify for Mydecine’s SASSP?

Yes! We understand there is a lack of experience administering these treatments to patients. The goal of our SASSP is to provide physicians with everything they need from start to finish to safely and effectively treat patients. Our services include access to cGMP drug products, training and advisory services from a world class team of experts on how to safely and effectively administer treatments, and access to a virtual network of experienced psychedelic integration specialists through our digital health platform Mindleap.

What is your digital health platform, Mindleap, and how does it help patients?

The Mindleap platform combines therapeutic and educational content with virtual 1-on-1 professional support for psychedelic integration.

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