In an effort to further the scientific understanding of psychedelic compounds for medical use, we have launched an investigational drug supply program. Through our program, qualified researchers can request certain drug products and materials.

To confirm your eligibility for our drug supply program, please complete this feasibility survey.

Mydecine can provide the following investigational drugs and materials to eligible researchers:

  • cGMP psilocybin for clinical studies
    • Bulk form
    • Stackable 5mg capsules
  • cGMP MDMA for clinical studies
    • Bulk form
  • cGMP niacin as a matching active placebo for clinical studies
    • Capsules
  • Characterized non-GMP psilocybin
    • Bulk form
  • Characterized non-GMP MDMA
    • Bulk form 

All applications for investigational drugs and materials are subject to regulatory and ethics approval, Mydecine approval, and the terms and conditions of the investigational drug or investigational materials supply agreement.  All requests are subject to site and study feasibility and material availability.

The researcher is responsible for all required regulatory submission costs (if applicable), shipping costs, and other logistical expenses.  Please note that compliance with region-specific requirements (e.g., QP certification) is also the responsibility of the researcher. 

To begin the process, please complete this request form.

Upon request approval, the following documentation must also be provided: 

  • A summary of the research on institutional letterhead including:
    • Dosing schedule (when applicable)
    • Study design/research protocol
    • Justification for requested amount
  • Controlled substances licensure
  • IACUC approval for animal studies, if applicable
  • Informed consent form
  • IRB/ethics committee approval
  • Final protocol
  • Regulatory approval (e.g. IND, CTA, etc.)
  • Controlled substances licensure, as applicable (psilocybin is a controlled substance in most countries)

Mydecine will provide the following documentation:

  • Standard supply agreement
  • Psilocybin safety data sheet
  • Certificate of analysis (cGMP) or other statement of analysis (non-GMP)
  • Necessary drug-related regulatory submission information (cGMP)
  • Investigator’s Brochure 

Mydecine does not offer protocol templates, clinical, or regulatory advice.

For questions or additional information, please contact 

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