Our Acquisitions

Since launching in 2020, Mydecine has completed multiple successful acquisitions of companies whose strategies, assets, and partners all augment our own.

NeuroPharm Inc.

Integrated into the Mydecine Innovations Group, Inc Q2, 2020, NeuroPharm Inc. (NPI) is a Canadian, Veterans focused healthcare company developing a unique and proprietary set of pharmaceutical and natural health products addressing mental wellness in vulnerable populations including Veterans, EMS personnel and other high-risk constituencies. Using evidence-based medicine, NPI is developing a Psilocybin Dosing Technology and, in collaboration with its strategic partners, is establishing a therapeutic Psilocybin-based treatment to tackle the unmet needs of high-risk constituents.  

The NPI team is focused on the efficient development and clinical testing of break-through Psilocybin technologies. By leveraging strategic partnerships with global military institutions underpinned by industry, academia, scientific, medical, and clinical organizations, we are poised to bring to market much needed treatments in a cost-effective manner.  NPI is deploying an intellectual property strategy through patent filings, copyrights, trademarks, and other protective measures.

NPI is building tangible, durable competitive advantages as it secures a leadership role in treating meaningful unmet needs in a large, vulnerable population base.
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Mindleap Health

Mindleap is an advanced digital health platform that helps people connect with mental health specialists that can empower them to thrive and develop habits for a healthy mind. Online mental healthcare brings convenience, improves access to treatments and can lead to more personal breakthroughs. Mindleap’s proprietary platform is designed by clinical psychologists and neuroscientists to provide professional support and personalized treatment for every person.

The Mindleap platform will provide support for people that are looking to achieve personal transformations and overcome mental health challenges. Mindleap is the only digital health platform that combines telehealth with mood, emotion and habit tracking. This is a paradigm shift to conventional mental health as Mindleap personalized support and users have the tools needed to track their progress and take control of their mental health.

More than 300 million people suffer from depression worldwide, about 100 million of whom do not respond to available treatments. Psychedelics offer the potential to revolutionize the mental health industry as we know it.