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Reimagining the Treatment of Mental Health and Addiction with Safer, More Effective Solutions

Mydecine is a biotechnology company developing first- and second-generation novel compounds to treat mental health and addiction disorders through world-class technology and drug development infrastructure.

This Is Our Process

Our Mission

Mydecine's mission is to become a trusted source of safe and effective medication‑based treatments to address the unmet needs for mental health and addiction disorders.

Our Vision

Through technology and research, our vision is to become the number one globally trusted leader in the treatment of mental health and addiction disorders. We see success when all medical and therapy communities view psychedelic medicine as an accepted and adopted form of treatment offered in our existing healthcare infrastructure.

Finding Answers to Mental Health Challenges

IP & Drug Development

We have submitted multiple pending patents for novel innovation in novel first- and second- generation drugs with a focus on safety and efficacy combined with an expert leadership team and leading research facilities in Canada and the United States.

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Clinical Trial Development

We’re offering a robust clinical trial calendar spanning the globe focused on PTSD for veterans, EMS, and front-line workers, smoking cessation and substance-abuse disorders.

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Technology is a key component of our overall business strategy. Not only are we leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to inform our drug discovery process, we also built a virtual health platform tailored for psychedelics and inner wellness.

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Market Landscape & Global Healing Opportunity



The global economic costs of smoking (health expenditures and productivity losses together) 1


The expected reach of the global smoking cessation market 2


People are addicted to alcohol consumption, globally 3


Deaths per year due to smoking-related causes, globally 1


1 in 11

People will be diagnosed with PTSD in their lifetime, globally 4

Up to 30%

Of veterans will develop PTSD 5

72 Min.

The frequency at which a U.S. veteran commits suicide 5


The global average of frontline workers developing PTSD 6



People suffer from some form of anxiety, globally 7

1World Health Organization (2019)

3Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (2017)

4American Psychiatric Association (2013)

5U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

6Occupational Health and Safety (2020)

7Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (2016)

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Leadership Rooted in Mental Health Solutions

World-Renowned Innovators, Advocates and Advisors

The leadership and stakeholders of Mydecine draw from a variety of environments including academic, research and development, military, and corporate environments to lead our company in search of safer more effective treatments for mental health and addiction.

“We are the passionate advocates, dreamers, believers, doers, achievers, and magic makers fighting to help normalize safe and effective alternative medicine for mainstream acceptance and use.”

Damon Michaels, Director, COO & Co-Founder